Out of sadness came something pretty special

In August 2018 two brothers sadly lost their Father, Jonathan Anderson, after a life-long battle with 

bi-polar mood disorder which culminated in dementia with a drug induced Parkinsonism.

Jono, in his youth, was a great adventurer and achieved amazing feats that few others would even think to attempt like sailing the Cape to Rio yacht race and paddling the orange river. He undertook one of his greatest adventures at the tender age of seventeen when he rode a bicycle from salisbury (Harare) to Cape Town!

Brothers, Struan and Lyle Anderson couldn’t think 

of a better way to honour their Dad than to cycle across the country 

as he did, from Beit Bridge border Zimbabwe to Cape Town.

Further than that they realised they had an opportunity to use this ride to create awareness around Dementia. Although Dementia is a progressive degenerative disease, early detection affords a family time to prepare while their affected loved one is still able to be a part of the conversation. It can save a family an incredible amount of guilt and stress down the road when they know they are carrying out their loved ones wishes instead of feeling the burden 

of making decisions for them. 

Funds raised from the ride will go training as many caregivers in dementia and Alzheimer's care as possible. When someone gets affected In small communities around South Africa, they are often believed to have an evil spirit and can be beaten to get the "evil out". Or they are ostracised from the community. Having caregivers trained and on the ground 

can change this from happening.

Thanks to Publicis Groupe Africa we are able to do an advertising campaign aiming to reduce the stigma around mental health issues, like Dementia, and get people understanding and talking about early detection signs so that people are better prepared should a loved one ever

be affected by this cruel disease. 

Giving loved ones almost an opportunity to say goodbye to the affected loved one.

We are mapping out an extensive social media footprint for this campaign and hope to have built up a significant following by the time we undertake the mammoth task. We feel it is a cause worth donating to, and hope to be able to give our generous sponsors some good airtime. As it stands we are four friends taking on this massive task.Struan and Lyle Anderson, 

Gareth Myles & Simon Clayton. 

Together we will do the hard miles and document each step of the journey.

We are asking you to take this journey with us. 


Help is needed

We are raising money to help so many people affected by dementia in less fortunate communities of South Africa.